2020 Divan Installation

We will be installing the 2020 Divan this evening. 
Come out and enjoy the fun and fellowship that brings in a new year. We have a lot of new things happening in 2020 and we want YOU to be apart of it all. Find out some of the plans tonight. We have a couple of surprises and some great information for you. Come and be apart of making 2020 the beginning of a new decade for Bahia Shrine.
2020, a clear vision ahead. 
The Divan is preparing Dinner this evening. Smoked pull pork, mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, & Masonic green beans. $10 Dinner will be served beginning at 6:00pmHappy New Year to you all! Let’s get the party started in 2020
Ed & Susan SextonSteve & Brandie BrickMark & Terri ZickefooseBrian & Tracey JohnsMark & Dawn CharltonBill & Joan BenhamDennis WestChad & Becky Root
We are in need of units, clubs or BSCs to do dinner for the stated meetings for 2020. If you want to make some cash for your treasury, please send a message to emsexton@yahoo.com and let me know what month you want. The only unit that has selected a month in Keystone Cops for February. 
We are lacking in sales on these tickets for the Golden Camel. Nobles, this is a great fundraiser for Bahia Shrine that goes directly to our general fund. We do not want to raise dues, bump up drink prices and in general pick the pocket of the Nobility for every event or thing we do at Bahia. But we have to raise money.
I would encourage you to buy some tickets or offer them to neighbors or coworkers. You do not have to be a Shriner to win and the prizes can be converted into cash. 
Drawing will be at the Stated meeting in February.
Please join us on Sunday, 5 January as the 2020 Divan celebrates the public installation for family and friends. We have several interesting items on the program including a guest speaker who is a recent Shrine patient and we will be presenting the 1st Annual Humanitarian of the Year Award. 
We will also be having our normal Parade of Units and we will be installing all club, unit and BSC Presidents and officers following the installation of the Divan. We look forward to seeing you there.
We are extremely close to having our patio project completed. Every day moves us to starting on our Out Door Kitchen.The Shutters are installed and are wired up. The 3 new 72″ TVs are installed and working great. The exhaust fan is wired in and our new tables will be ready for your beverage tonight. We will be getting the decals for them in a couple of weeks.
We installed the lights on the front this week as well a getting a light for our flag.
With the help of the OG elect, Mark Charlton, we leveled the back area and moved the picnic tables to the rear of the property. 
How many of you remember BCGs? Did you wear them in basic? Still have some? How about just a fun or funky pair of glasses to make someone laugh?
And THAT is how a party starts! The Divan is hosting the 1st Fun Friday on 17 Jan from 7pm until ? We will be doing Burgers, Brats and fries for purchase and ask that you bring a side dish to share. $15 Bar Tab for the best Glasses for the night. 
Winner will be announced at 9pm so don’t get there too late.
Don your best Kilt, grab your best lass and join the Brits, Scots, Irish and Welsh as we pipe in the Haggis for our annual Burns Night at Bahia. Word has it, that our local UK expert, will be flying in REAL HAGGIS for a special select few to try. Put your name (and your taste buds) up with a small donation to Bahia to taste a real part of Scotland. W Reggie Lyle from Orange Lodge No 36 will be Piping in the Haggis in a style and elegance fitted up for the Queen Mum herself. Do not miss this event. The fun Starts a 6:30pm on Friday, 31 January in our Red Fez. The Piping will go on at 7:30pm.

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