Lots going on this week at Bahia!

  • Installation 2020 officers tonight at West Volusia Shrine club. 
  • Installation 2020 officers tomorrow evening for Greater Daytona Shrine Club.
  • Bingo Wednesday night!
  • Thursday at 6pm there will be a meeting of anyone interested in getting involved with or ideas about Fundraising for Bahia over the next couple of years. This is a great chance to understand the what’s and why’s of what we are going to be doing.
  • Friday night we will have the Jazz band in the Red Fez AND we are going to start having TGIF dinner in the fez. The Temple will be preparing a meat for Friday night. If you bring a side dish, you pay only $4 for dinner and entertainment.
  • I am pleased to announce we finally have our website up and running. It is not complete yet and will have a calendar with lists of events attached to it by week’s end. We will be pointing the old site to the new one. The new site is bahiashriners.org

2020 Clothing and Name badges are in and at the office. 
Please call Stephanie or come by to pick them up.

We are lacking in sales on these tickets for the Golden Camel. Nobles, this is a great fundraiser for Bahia Shrine that goes directly to our general fund. We do not want to raise dues, bump up drink prices and in general pick the pocket of the Nobility for every event or thing we do at Bahia. But we have to raise money.
I would encourage you to buy some tickets or offer them to neighbors or coworkers. You do not have to be a Shriner to win and the prizes can be converted into cash. 
Drawing will be at the Stated meeting in February.
Burgers & Brats this Saturday!!
Come out and join the Krewe for B&B while you enjoy the fellowship and fun. 11am until 2pm (or when they get tired of cookin)

Burns Night – Bahia Style

Don your best Kilt, grab your best lass and join the Brits, Scots, Irish and Welsh as we pipe in the Haggis for our annual Burns Night at Bahia. Word has it, that our local UK expert, will be flying in REAL HAGGIS for a special select few to try. Put your name (and your taste buds) up with a small donation to Bahia to taste a real part of Scotland. 
W Reggie Lyle from Orange Lodge No 36 will be Piping in the Haggis in a style and elegance fitted up for the Queen Mum herself. Do not miss this event. The fun Starts a 6:30pm on Friday, 31 January in our Red Fez. The Piping will go on at 7:30pm.

1st Annual Chub Club

Put on a few pounds over the holidays? Skinny jeans a little snug? Comfy pants not so much??? Have we got a deal for you!! Directors Staff is doing a fundraiser for the temple and for them. 100 people sign up… yep, the math works out you get $5000 as the winner, Temple make $2500 and DS make $2500.

Ku’uipo (Sweetheart) Luau!

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